Roblox – The big opportunity for kids

I’d guess that you don’t know what Roblox is if you’re over 20.

It has been out for over a decade, but since it released in 2006 it has blown up over the last couple of years. Moving the platform over to Xbox and mobile devices has made Roblox open up to more players all over the world.

Growing Popularity

Roblox is topping 56 million monthly players per month. This means that it is winning over the popular block game Minecraft. Figures show that Minecraft boasts 55 million monthly players. Going even deeper, you can see that Roblox is searched more than Lego on top search engines.

Become a Roblox Developer

Roblox allows games to be built by anyone by using their tools. This gives their developer community opportunities to make millions. Roblox is set to pay out 30 million dollars to its developers this year. They also said that the top developer is on track to make 3 million dollars this year. If you’re keen to learn how to start coding, have a look at these Roblox programming help videos for 2017.

Over half of the users of Roblox are under 13 (52%). I asked some of Roblox’s biggest fans what all the hype is about. Harry and Tom have been playing Roblox together since 2015, when they found it on the App Store. They taught me some lessons about Roblox.


Roblox is the multiplayer online game which is powering imagination. Yes, it’s been available since 2006 but it’s not been as popular until now. With new mobile and console apps, the game is available to a huge community. Now that they have over 56 million monthly players, this gives a huge opportunity for developers to cash in on their spending of Robux, the virtual in game currency.

Ever since Tom and Harry began to drift away from Minecraft and Terraria, I knew that Roblox was going to be the next big thing.

What is it that keeps Roblox players addicted? Well, what you have to understand is that Roblox isn’t just one game. It houses thousands of different games created by the community, similar to MiniClip. Browsing Roblox, you can find any game you want to play. UFO shooter one minute, online simulation football the next. It’s all there.

Roblox has lots of different game genres for its community of players. Harry is a fan of Fifa and is addicted to TPS Old vs New, a game with over 7 million visits. On the other hand, Tom likes shooter games and Phantom Forces with over 221 million visits takes his fancy.

A Sense of Community

What makes Roblox so addictive? Roblox doesn’t just house games. It boasts its own social community where players can chat and make groups. Now that it is available for all kinds of devices such as Xbox and Amazon Kindle, anyone can play.

Every game is multiplayer which makes each game more interactive and social. Also, as most of the games are free for everyone to play, it’s very easy for everyone to load into a game together. The use of VIP servers also allow friends to play together exclusively.

Here is Roblox’s promo video so you can discover more about what it offers.