Growing Your Business With Help From Others

If you run a business then you’ll know the growing pains you’ll likely face as it grows and gets bigger. Everything from fulfilling larger and larger orders to taking on extra staff as your team needs to grow can be a drag on your time and resources. Some can handle this while others may need help from professionals to get things done. A business coach can help you take a step back from the business and see things differently, working on your business rather than in it, as Michael Gerber preaches in his book “The e-Myth revisited“.

As your small business grows, and wins more business from bigger clients, having the right team of people becomes more and more important to help keep the business running successfully and efficiently. One of the concerns we hear often is that small business owners feel they need to get a better handle on employment law. It’s a fair concern as knowing your legal rights and boundaries as an employer can help to handle any issues arising with the right actions. As an employer, knowing the law in the event of unfair dismissal claims or discrimination for example is recommended.

This article on employment law for small businesses is useful on what to have in place if you run a business.

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